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Choosing a wedding dress is undoubtable the single most personal decision any bride has to make.  We had a very successful wedding dress company in Essex which ran for about 18 years so we know a lot about the way lady's shop for wedding dresses in Essex and what they are looking for.

The prices of wedding dresses varies a great deal.  You can pay anything from £80 to £8,000 for a wedding dress.  There has been a big increase in people buying dresses direct from China, and some shops are now stocking up their shops with imported dresses from China.  There has been a huge rise in Ebay shops offering wedding dresses at discounted prices.  You will find the majority of these are imported from China.  The dresses are sold at a fraction of the  RRP and are much cheaper that buying a designer dress, and for all intense and purposes they do a pretty good job for the money.  But.... and there is a big but! Buying a wedding dress that makes you feel special comes at a price.  Not every bride is happy wearing a cheap dress from China.   Brides will not cut corners when it comes to selecting a dress and will have a very good idea as to what they want.  Some will arrive at our shop with a drawing and others will arrive with a cut out of a magazine.  The problem is, not all brides look as they wish in their dream dress and therefore we strongly suggest you try a dress style on before you make any decisions.  It may well end up that a design you hadn't even considered ends up being the one that suits you and your look more than one that looked good on a celebrity.  Most brides will have a dress made to measure and will often bring a number of ideas together to create their own personal master piece.  We have some great companies in the wedding dress market in Essex and are happy to pass on their details as a recommendation.  It seems common practivce for brides to buy a dress between 9 and 18 months before the big day, this gives time for any alterations.

 If you are a seller of wedding dresses and think you offer something others don’t then please get in touch as we are always looking for new, different companies to work with.  Our main aim is to give something different, something fresh and enthusiastic.  If you think you are right for this please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss.

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